Nicaraguan Tobacco association taking steps in covid-19 preparation. In a press release, Claudio Sgroi, the president of the association, explained that all the members of the association are taking precautions. Production is still going strong, except for Tabacalera Aragon (the factory of Jas Sum Kral).

The press release said:

On March 17th, an extraordinary meeting was held with the members of the Chamber on how to prepare against the virus and what measures should be put in place. We have been collecting official documents from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health and other official sources on all measures of prevention to take. All our members already put in place strong protocols to follow to protect our staff and their families.

All of our members are actively planning and coordinating with customers, suppliers, local authorities and most importantly their workers on how to best prepare for and respond to the threat, while safeguarding and prioritizing the health and livelihood of their people. The implementation is contingent on each member’s own capacity, internal policies, and current conditions. Some of the measures included “work from home”, so office work is going to be done from home, reduce or cancel non-essential activities, including travels; restricted and controlled access to facilities; early start to the Easter week, and in some cases closing the operation temporarily

The situation is evolving rapidly in an unpredictable way; therefore we will continue monitoring the national and international situation and will coordinate a collective response the situation requires.

Claudio Sgroi, president Nicaraguan Tobacco Association


All the factories in Honduras are closed until March 29. But all the employees are still being paid. Sources in Honduras told Ministry of Cigars that the Honduran government demanded that employees were sent home with pay. Companies that do not comply face severe penalties.

Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, all cigar factories closed the doors. This is all voluntary, so factories decide how long they will close the doors. 


In Cuba, it’s still business as usual. All factories are open and function normally. 

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