New Zealand

Limited production Kafie 1901 sampler coming

Five years ago, Kafie Cigars, opened their own brand new factory Tabacalera G. Kafie y Cia in Danli, Honduras and they will celebrate the lustrum with a sampler. The Kafie 1901 sampler contains all 6x52 toro vitolas, which are exclusively made for this celebratory...

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Dunbarton lands in New Zealand

Canteros, the sole distributor of non-Cuban cigars for New Zealand, managed to get another shipment in before the tax hike of January first. Each and every single blend and vitola from Steve Saka's Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust, including some unicorns. Sobremesa,...

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New Joya de Nicaragua for New Zealand

A few days ago, we wrote about the tax hike in New Zealand, but just in time distributor Canteros managed to get a few shipments in under the old tax tariffs. Including in the shipment are some cigars that are brand new for the Kiwi cigar aficionados. Joya de...

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Cigar tax hike for New Zealand

In 2016, the New Zealand government released a plan to increase the tobacco tax with four steps of 10%, and effectively January first, the third step will be effective. The new tax for homogenized tobacco, often used in low-grade cigarillos will be $1317,93 per kilo...

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Select Draw Cigar Cutter goes New Zealand

A few days ago, we wrote about the Select Draw Cigar Cutter. That's a revolutionary new way to cut your cigar. With the three spikes on the Select Draw Cigar Cutter you have several options to cut your cigar, and with that, it makes the Select Draw Cigar Cutter one of...

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Iron Shirt small batch cigars

Last month we wrote about the Iron Shirt small batch. That’s a Nicaraguan cigar, limited edition, made for Schuster Zigarren from Germany, and that’s all we knew. Now we know a little more. The cigars, of which only 800 boxes are made due to the limited availability...

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Alec Bradley releases Tempus and Fine & Rare in New Zealand

New Zealand is getting ready for a tsunami of cigars. Over 10.000 cigars are expected to land in November and that’s excluding the 3000 that are expected to land in the remaining days of October. The first shipment that will come in comes from Alec Bradley and that...

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Iron Shirt cigars

There is a new cigar coming to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and possibly New Zealand called Iron Shirt. The cigar is from the German company Schuster Zigarren. We don’t know much about the brand, just that it is a limited edition of about 800 boxes due to the amount...

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Birthdays and events
February 18
Habanos Festival
, Procigar
February 19
Habanos Festival
, Procigar
, Rocky Patel & Flor de Cana tasting, Turmeaus, Liverpool
February 20
Habanos Festival
, Procigar
February 21
Habanos Festival
, Procigar
February 22
Habanos Festival
, Maya Selva Event, Cigarworld, Dusseldorf
, Procigar
February 23
Trinidad and whisky pairing, Turmeaus, Liverpool
February 26
A.J.Fernandez event, Bratislava, Slovakia
, EP Carrillo pairing, Turmeaus, Liverpool
, Rocky Patel
March 1
Mike Rosales (RoMa Craft)
March 2
CSWC Qualifier, Poland
March 6
Lars Tetens
March 8
Janny Garcia (My Father Cigars)
March 9
CSWC Qualifier, Riga, Latvia
March 10
CSWC Qualifier, Riga, Latvia
March 12
Fonseca pairing, Turmeaus, Liverpool
March 16
CSWC Qualifier, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
March 20
Horacio event, Cigarworld, Dusseldorf
March 23
CSWC Qualifier, Dusseldorf, Germany
March 24
Emma Viktorsson (Freya Cigars)
, Juergen W Roder (Perdomo Cigars)
March 26
Joshua Meerapfel (Fuente Meerapfel)
, Nicaraguan night, Turmeaus, Liverpool
March 27
CSWC Qualifier, Bangkok, Thailand
, Fratello event, Cigarworld, Dusseldorf
March 30
CSWC Qualifier, Hanoi, Vietnam
April 6
CSWC Qualifier, Paris, France
April 12
Oliva event, Cigarworld, Dusseldorf
April 13
CSWC Qualifier, Beirut, Libanon
April 19
CSWC Qualifier, St Petersburg, Russia
, La Gran Fumada, St Petersburg, Russia
April 20
CSWC Qualifier, St Petersburg, Russia
, La Gran Fumada, St Petersburg, Russia
April 21
CSWC Qualifier, St Petersburg, Russia
, La Gran Fumada, St Petersburg, Russia
April 24
Riste Riatevski (Jas Sum Kral)
April 25
Nick Melillo (Foundation)
April 26
CSWC Qualifier, Austria
April 27
CSWC Qualifier, Austria
, Jeremy Casdagli (Bespoke)
April 28
CSWC Qualifier, Austria
April 30
CSWC Qualifier, Makarska, Croatia
May 5
Robert Ibarra (Don Ibarra)
May 14
Daniel Guerrero (El Viejo Continente)
, Turrent event, Turmeaus, Liverpool