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Birthdays and events
October 3
Steven Ysidron (Epicurean)
October 5
Patrick Nikiema (Lyon Cigars)
October 6
Graig Rossi (La Barba)
October 7
Jason Wood (Miami CIgar & Co)
October 8
Jake Nobles (Duke Cigars)
, Nestor Plasencia Sr (Plasencia Cigars)
October 10
Pedro Jose Gomez Rodriguez (Drew Estate)
October 13
Heiko Poerz (HENK!)
October 16
Kurt Joachim Brandt (Isthmus Cigars)
, Nicholas Perdomo III (Perdomo Cigars)
October 18
Cynthia Fuente
October 20
Kurt Kendall (7-20-4)
October 22
Nirka Reyes (De Los Reyes/Saga)
October 24
Jose \'Don Pepin\' Garcia (My Father Cigars)
October 26
Tom Lazuka (Asylum Cigars)
October 27
Jose Blanco (E.P. Carrillo)
October 28
Albert Montserrat (Cigar Rings)
October 31
George Rico (Gran Habano)
November 1
Scott Almsberger (Xikar)

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