New Zealand gets the first official Rocky Patel shipment. Last year, the only importer and distributor for premium cigars from new world countries in New Zealand and Rocky Patel Cigars made an agreement. Canteros would start importing Rocky Patel directly instead of using American based wholesalers. And the first shipment coming straight from Central America is now in New Zealand.

Wide Selection

140 boxes of Rocky Patel Cigars made it to the Canteros warehouse. And that is a sizable order for a country with a population of around 5 million. And a very restrictive law on tobacco with insanely high taxes. For comparison, New Zealand has fewer inhabitants than Ireland, Norway, or even the city-state of Singapore. And when you compare it to American states, they are in between South Carolina and Alabama when it comes to population.

The shipment contains cigars from Patel’s Nicaraguan factory Tavicusa as well as from Honduras where Patel collaborates with the Plasencia family to roll cigars. And it includes the Java series, which are made at La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate for Rocky Patel. The Java Mint, Maduro, Latte, and Red are all included.

The shipment

The cigars in the shipment made in Honduras are the Vintage 2003 Cameroon and three different cigars from the Edge line. The Corojo, Connecticut, and Maduro. The Olde World Corojo is also part of the portfolio. Just as the LB1, Decade, and the Vintage 1990 Broadleaf

The following Nicaraguan made cigars are representing Rocky Patel in New Zealand. Starting with the Fifty-Five and the Sun Grown Maduro. The Edge Habano aka Nicaragua is the only Nicaraguan Edge in New Zealand. The Olde World Reserve Maduro is also part of the shipment. Just as the A.L.R. Second Edition and the Liberation by Hamlet. The official cigar for the Cigar Smoking World Championship can’t be excluded of course. Just like the Winter Collection and the Quarter Century. There are also different samplers available for the Kiwi Cigar Enthusiasts.

Ministry of Cigars - New Zealand gets the first official Rocky Patel shipment

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