New Plasencia Alma del Campo size. Although, new might not be the right description. Plasencia Cigars is adding a box-pressed version of the 6½x54 Travesia, a size already available as a round cigar. The cigar being box-pressed is the only difference. The blend is the same, all Criollo ’98 from different vintages from Nicaragua. The box-pressed cigar is a line extension, not a replacement. Placencia Cigars is producing both versions and is continuing to produce them.

consumer demand

Plasencia Cigars says that the box-pressed Travesia is the result of consumer demand. “As tobacco growers and premium cigar manufacturers, it is important to draw inspiration from the consumer. Open communication with retailers, consumers, and colleagues propels us to create the finest quality tobacco product. That has been our goal since 1865. The result was to offer the Alma del Campo Travesia in a Box Press format, to further serve the cigar community.” Nestor Andres Plasencia said in a press release.

According to Nestor Andres Plasencia, the Alma del Campo Travesia Box Press gives the cigar enthusiasts an even creamier and smoother experience. With complex flavors including coffee, nuts, and a hint of spice. The Alma del Campo series is on the market since 2017. This is the first time that Plasencia Cigars added a vitola to the Alma del Campo series.

Alma series

Plasencia Cigars is planning to release five different blends in the Alma series. The cigar company is trying to capture the soul of cigars in these five blends. So far the Alma Fuerte, Alma del Campo, and Alma de Fuego are released. There is no news on what will be the next Alma release, or when it will be launched.

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