New limiteds from Oveja Negra. The husband-and-wife team of James and Angela Brown is releasing two new cigars. Both are limited edition. The release will fall under the more experimental Black Studio Works portfolio. Both cigars feature the same blend and same name: Hyena

The cigars

Both cigars come from Fabrica Oveja Negra in Esteli, Nicaragua. That’s the cigar factory from the Browns’. The Hyena blend uses Nicaraguan tobacco as filler and binder. The wrapper is Cameroon, which is fitting since Africa is the inspiration of the new cigars. Before settling in Nicaragua, James and Angela Brown were living all over the world. Including Africa for many years. That part of their lives is the inspiration for the cigars and the name. 

Ministry of Cigars - New limiteds from Oveja Negra

There are two vitolas that will reach American retailers soon. There is a Corona Gorda measuring 5×46. The other vitola is a 6½x42 Lonsdale. Both sizes come in boxes of 20 cigars. The boxes are black with colorful graphics. Only 700 boxes of each vitola are available for the American market. An even smaller amount of boxes is available for the international distributors of Oveja Negra. These are Kleinlagel in Germany and Media Rueda in Belgium & Luxembourg. They will get their fair share of the new limiteds from Oveja Negra

“Hyena is the latest addition to the BLK WKS portfolio. A truly unique cigar that is focused on showcasing a perfect balance between Nicaraguan fillers and the Cameroon wrapper. The profile is spice forward with white pepper & semi-sweet baking spices blended with herbal notes & cedar. The finish is a blend of bitter cocoa, cream & malt. Hyena is an extremely complex and balanced cigar and is a tribute to my wife’s and my many years of living in Africa,” says James Brown in a press release. 

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