New Habanos Specialist in Qatar. If you’re going to the World Cup in Qatar next summer, you won’t have to worry if you can get your hands on Cuban cigars by Habanos. Phoenicia TAA, granted the cigar ship in La Cigale hotel in Doha de Habanos Specialist status.

Phoenicia T.A.A. is the largest exclusive distributor of Habanos in the world. Its territory reaches from Southern Europe, via the Middle East all the way to South Africa. Recently the distributor awarded the Habanos Specialist status to shops in Pakistan, Nigeria, Cote D’Ivoire, and Guinea. 

The shop

The cigar shop is located in the beautiful La Cigale Hotel in Qatar’s capital of Doha. At the Suhaim Bin Hamad street. The shop is around since 2007 and is gaining attention from lovers of Cuban cigars. The skilled staff of the tobacconists can help everybody find a cigar that suits their taste. 

The shop has a 25 square meter humidor with approximately 100 different Habanos offerings. The conditions in the humidor are perfect to keep the cigars in optimal condition. The decorations inside the humidors are from the global Habanos brands. 

Habanos Specialist

To become a Habanos Specialist, certain standards have to be met. Requirements are certificates from the Habanos Academy, the Senior level. These courses can only be given by certified Habanos Academy Masters. Plus all Habanos Specialists are required to visit Cuba on a study trip organized by Habanos or its regional distributor. The store also has to have a walk-in humidor.

Becoming a Habanos Specialist allows the retailer to purchase a wider variety of Cuban cigars. Which selection is available to regular shops, Habanos Points, and Habanos Specialists depends on the regional distributor. Habanos Specialists also get an allocation of the annual Edicion Limitada releases from Habanos and the Edicion Regional for their territory.

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