New Habanos Specialist in Conakry. Conakry is the capital of the Republic of Guinea, West Africa. The local Habanos distributor, Phoenicia TAA has given the Habanos Specialist status to the retail store 68 Mark Avenue. The tobacco specialist is open since 2017.

The retail outlet

The shop has an elegant interior design with a walk-in humidor of more than 7m2. The humidor houses are then 50 different Habanos vitals. The cigars are stored in perfect conditions of humidity and temperature. 

The shop is located at Quarter Almamya in Conakry-Guinee. The city is the capital of the country and about one-sixth of the population of 12.000.000 Guineans lives in the city.

Republic of Guinea

The country gains independence in 1958 after the French colonial power left. And when the vote for independence came in, the French left the country within two months. They took everything they could, which drove the country into the arms of the Soviet Union and socialism. The French acted that way to prevent other colonies to vote for independence as well. Other colonies went for more autonomy instead.

It was not until 1984, under a new president, that the country turned away from socialism and turned a new page. When that president passed away in 2009, the military staged a coup. Yet due to international pressure, the country went back to civilian rule quickly after.

The economy is largely dependent on agriculture and mining. The country is rich with minerals. Yet with an annual economic growth rate between 6 and 9 percent over the last decade, many Guineans can afford luxury items such as cigars. That’s why there is a new Habanos Specialist in Conakry.  

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