New Fuente Prometheus releases. Fuente Aged Selection 2020 to include Opus X Heaven and Earth Rare Black. In a brand new double corona vitola. The cigars come in boxes of 10. The blend is undisclosed. The production year of the cigars is 2016. The size is 7⅝x49. But the original Opus X Heaven and Earth Rare Black Torpedo is also coming back in the Fuente Aged Selection 2020. The original is 6⅞x44 in size. It features a torpedo-shaped point on both ends of the cigar. 

Opus X Scorpio

The Opus X Scorpio returns with a new look. Since its debut in 2007, Arturo Fuente fans hunt for the Opus X Scorpio and the Opus X Scorpio Maduro. Until this year, the cigars could only be found in the Fuente Aged Selection Samplers. This year’s release is as a stand-alone line in 10 count boxes. The Scorpio has a significant meaning for the Fuente family. It is the astrological birth sign of Arturo Fuente. His birthday is on November 18th. November 18th is also the date that the first boxes of Opus X were shipped to America over 25 years ago.

Ministry of Cigars - New Fuente Prometheus releases

Opus 22 sets

Arturo Fuente and Prometheus are also releasing the annual Opus 22 sets. The first 200 boxes hit the market in November. The final 300 are available in the spring. The Opus 6 and Opus X Story sets are on the way to retailers as well. These editions contain non-regular production items but nothing new for this year. 

Ministry of Cigars - New Fuente Prometheus releases

 The production of the cigars takes place at Tabacalera Arturo Fuente y Cia in the Dominican Republic. The California based accessory company Prometheus International makes all the humidors. Part of the proceeds goes to charity. That is the Cigar Family Charitable Foundation. Ministry of Cigars dedicated an article to this great cause in our series of Cigar Charities. 

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