New Factory Smokes for Drew Estate. The value bundle cigars from Drew Estate are popular since the release of the line in the summer of 2018. The cigars are rolled in the same factory as the premium cigars from Drew Estate, in a much higher number. Add in less expensive and rare tobaccos plus bundle packaging instead of expensive boxes. That leads to an inexpensive, every day, handmade cigar.

The original release consisted of four different blends. All with Indonesian tobacco as a filler and binder. The cigar is made with mixed-filler. That means both Longfiller leaves and smaller pieces of tobacco to reduce the cost. The difference is the wrapper. Four different wrappers are available. The Factory Smokes Sweet utilizes a Habano wrapper. The Maduro, Shade, and Sun Grown speak for themselves.


But next month there is a new release. The first line extension. Unfortunately for the international fans of Drew Estate, it’s exclusive to one retailer in the United States. The largest online cigar retailer in the world, Cigars International. Unlike the name suggests, Cigars International does not ship to addresses outside of the United States.

The new line extension is made with the same blend as the original four releases. Indonesian tobacco as filler and binder. The wrapper is Candela, the famous or infamous green wrapper. The origin of the wrapper is undisclosed. The line comes in four sizes. Those are 5×54 Robusto, a 6×52 Toro, a 7×50 Churchill, and a 6×60 Gordo. All are packed in bundles of 25 cigars. The prices vary from $40 for the Robusto to $45 for the Churchill. The cigars go on sale next month.

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