My Father Cigars celebrates Don Pepin’s 70th birthday. Last October, Don Pepin Garcia celebrated his 70th birthday. A milestone that can’t pass by without a special release. 70 humidors with one of a kind cigars. The release of the beautiful, limited edition humidors is pushed back a little because of the covid-19 pandemic. But they are about to be released. Unfortunately for the international fans of My Father Cigars, the humidors won’t come overseas. In an e-mail to Ministry of Cigars, Janny Garcia explains that the humidors are in the United States. Shipping them internationally, with all the tariffs and taxes involved, is too troublesome and expensive

Elie Bleu

The French humidor maker Elie Bleu is known for its craftsmanship. Their creations are on the high end of the cigar accessory market, but the quality is impeccable. This is the first-ever collaboration between Elie Bleu and My Father Cigars. The cedar-lined humidor holds up to 95 cigars. It features a lift-out tray and a custom-made humidification system and hygrometer, to monitor moisture levels and keep your cigars in optimal shape. The humidor is lockable. The My Father brand is showcased wot a high gloss finish. That highlights be beautiful wood grain. Elie Blue made 75 humidors, but only 70 will be available for My Father fans. Each humidor has its own unique number.

The humidor comes with a box of 100 cigars. A unique blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos, all from the My Father Cigars farms in the Central American country. The wrapper is Corojo 99. Just like all other annual releases from My Father, the cigars are 6½x52. The cigar is medium-full in both body and flavor. According to the press release, it’s complex but balanced. It is a ‘one of a kind’ blend. It is never been used before. The cigars come in their own wooden box so that the humidor is empty. That allows the owner to personalize the humidor to his or her liking. 

The pricing of the humidors is yet to be finalized. The release date is somewhere between now and early 2021.

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