Moroccan puros ready for worldwide release. When you think of premium handmade cigars, you think of Latin America. Cuba, Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Maybe, if you’re better informed you include Costa Rica to that list. But there are more countries that grown tobacco and produce handmade cigars. Panama, Mexico, Peru and the United States for example.

Asian cigars

There are three major tobacco producing countries in Asia. China, Indonesia, and the Philippines. And all three countries produce cigars. Premium handmade cigars and machine made short fillers. But there are also other countries that produce cigars for the local market. Like the cheroots from Myanmar. Sri Lanka has a few plantations and factories as well. J. Cortes is one of the companies to produce machine-made cigars in Sri Lanka. Ministry of Cigars reviewed the Tambo Churchill from Indonesia a few months ago.

European cigars

Yes, there are cigars made in Europe as well. In Germany, The Netherlands, Ireland, Italy and Belgium for example. But those cigars are not premium handmade. Those cigars are dry-cured short filler cigars made with Asian or Caribbean with the exception of the Italian made Toscano cigars. Those are in a league of their own. Yet there is one company in France that grows tobacco. And they employ Cuban rollers to make premium hand made cigars. That company is called Hedon and the cigars are sold under the name Navarre.

African cigars

Africa is a new player in the premium handmade cigar world. The Moroccan company Habanos SA makes Moroccan cigars. The company has got nothing to do with the distribution and marketing company Habanos SA from Cuba. That company is a joint venture between Cubatabaco and Imperial Brands. Their factory is the first cigar factory in the African continent. They carry several blends, from Moroccan puros to blends with Moroccan and Latin American tobaccos.

The Moroccan Habanos SA draws inspiration from the 1942 movie Casablanca. And it’s ready to show the world what they can do. That’s why they are starting to export their cigars to select countries. And are actively searching for partnerships with distributors worldwide, including the United States

The company is also hosting the first-ever cigar trade show in the kingdom of Morocco. That trade show will take place from December 20th till 22nd of 2019 in the Moroccan capital of Casablanca. 

Ministry of Cigars Moroccan puros ready for worldwide release
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