Ministry of Cigars Bang for the buck Top 25. Where other cigar media choose for a list of cigars under a certain price, or any other ranking of budget-friendly cigars, we decided on something else. During the review, all cigars get points for looks, construction, and flavor. The weight of those areas calculates the final score, up to two numbers behind the dot. We divide that number by the price of the cigar, and that’s the ‘bang for the buck’ rating. Now, not all cigars reviewed are available everywhere, so most of the prices are based on the Dutch and German prices. The cigar prices between The Netherlands and Germany are almost equal.

With this calculation, even a budget cigar with a score that keeps it far from a spot in the best cigar top 25 can earn a high position in this list. Only four cigars from the Top 25 made it to the Back for the buck top 25.

Numbers 25 – 21

25 – Royal Danish Cigars Weihnachten Leckerbissen. This cigar scored a 91 but due to the price of €8,25 it translated into a ‘back for the buck’ rating of 10.98 And that was enough to make this list.

24 – RoMa Craft Wunder|lust Petit Belicoso. This is one of the four cigars we find in the best cigar top 25 as well. The 93 scores and the German retail price of €8,20 translated into a rating of 11.30

23 – Bossner Black Edition Torpedo. The nice price line for the German cigar brand Bossner. And that nice price of €7,50 translated into a rating of 11.74.

22 – Alec Bradley Magic Toast Robusto. This cigar did well with a 93 score. That resulted in the 18th spot of the Top 25 of 2019. And the price of less than 8 euro made sure that the cigar made this top 25 as well.

21 – Don Chico Ecuador Toro. Or the Don Chico Habano toro as it’s called in the United States. The price in Germany hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it is expected to be around €7,50. With that price, the cigar scored 12.05 on the bang for the buck rating, resulting in spot 21.

Numbers 20-16

20 – RoMa Craft Cromagnon Aquitaine Mode 5. The second Roma Craft in the list, proving that quality and boutique doesn’t equal high prices. RoMa Craft provides value for money, two entries in the bang for the buck list is proving of that.

19 – San Jeronimo Maduro Robusto. A Honduran cigar, made by Tabacalera Kafie y Cia in Danli. This cigar sells for €7,20 in The Netherlands and it resulted in a 12.27 bang for the buck rating.

18 – Kafie 1901 Sumatra Robusto. The second entry from Tabacalera Kafie y Cia in this list. It scored a tad higher than the San Jeronimo, but the difference was small.

17 – Indian Motorcycle Maduro Robusto. The toro of this blend made it to the Top 25, but the price difference between the Robusto and the Toro resulted in the Robusto making this list.

16 – Skel Ton Robusto. If we had a top 25 of best cigar rings, the German brand Skel Ton would be a contender. It’s unique, it’s beautiful and it stands out. The cigar isn’t bad either with a 92 score. And they are for sale in Germany, for less than 7 euro. That’s why this cigar reached number 16 on this list.

Numbers 15 – 10 

15 – Tambo Churchill. Or the Super Robusto, the cigar has different names due to tax legislation. But with a 90 score and a €6,60 price (based on the Indonesian Rupiah price), the bang for the buck rating is 13.60.

14 – Illusione Rothchildes. Another cigar that you can find in the best cigar top 25. It scored a 93 and divided by the Dutch retail price it results in spot 14 on this list.

13 – PDR Dark Roast Robusto. A coffee-infused cigar that made it to the list. That’s because this wrapper isn’t artificially sweetened like most infused cigars. And that’s what we don’t like. Since this cigar didn’t have that, it scored 89 and with a price of just € 6,25, it earned this spot.

12 – Alec Bradley Project 40 Robusto. We like Alec Bradley, most of the cigars are pleasing to our palates. We like the creativity of the company. But the project 40 did not please us at all. Yet, it is a budget-friendly cigar and thus deserved the number 12 position.

11 – CAO Nicaragua Robusto. Another budget-friendly cigar that didn’t stand a chance at making it in the Top 25. But that budget-friendly price was enough to make the bang for the buck list. At the 11th position, half a point short of making the top 10.

The top 10

10 – El Piño Blanco Corojo Robusto. The brand of Dutch tobacconist and cigar distributor Mariska Kelch. She blended this cigar with the help of David Blanco. The cigar is going international, as it’s distributed in Curacao too.

9 – El Piño Blanco Maduro Robusto. This cigar scored slightly higher, and with the same retail price as the Corojo, it results in a higher bang for the buck rating too.

8 – Joya de Nicaragua Joya Silver Robusto. Joya de Nicaragua destroyed the Top 25, cigars from their factory took spot number 1, 2, and 3. But with cigars that had a price tag. Making it into the top 10 of this list proves that they can make great value for money cigars too.

7 – Joya de Nicaragua Merciless Toro. Another Joya de Nicaragua cigar, this time a private label for a big American online retailer. But it was also available through a Malaysian webshop. And that’s where we got it from. Our price was based on that. If we looked at the US dollar price for the bang for the buck rating, this cigar would be in the top 5.

6 – Casa de Torres Edicion Especial Robusto. A brand that has been around for over 20 years. It’s made in Nicaragua for the German cigar manufacturer and distributor Schuster Cigars.

The top 5

5 – Condega Serie F Maduro Robusto. Another Nicaraguan gem, very popular in Europe. Made by Eduardo Fernandez from Aganorsa Leaf, who owns the brand in the United States. The rights for this cigar in the rest of the world are in the hands of the Spanish La Casa del Tabaco.

4 – Steenbok Robusto. This cigar is only sold at a few select retailers in The Netherlands. It was launched in 2018 by a Dutch cigar aficionado. It’s a Honduran puro and comes packed in bundles and tins.

3 – Maria Mancini Edicion Especial Corona. With a bang for the buck rating of 19.37, this Honduran cigar comes in on the 3rd spot. The brand is owned and distributed by Schuster Cigars, just like the number 6 of our list.

2 – Oliva Baptiste Toro. Number 14 on the best cigar top 25, but even higher in the bang for the buck list. As we wrote yesterday, this cigar would still be value for money if it was double the price. In fact, even with double the price it would have made the bang for the buck top 25.

1 – La Estrella Polar Robusto. The cheapest cigar we reviewed this year. Combined with a score of 88, it resulted in a bang for the buck rating of 27.42. And that’s more than enough for the number one position in our ‘value for money’ list.

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