Michael Herklots brings back Timeless and other Nat Sherman lines. But not under The Nat Sherman name. He’s also not doing it by himself but with Brendon Scott by his side. The former Nat Sherman employees start Ferio Tego, a new company and cigar brand. Herklots was Vice President of Nat Sherman with Scott as former VP and CFO before Altria closed the books on Nat Sherman last September.

Nat Sherman

Nat Sherman was a family-owned business with both cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, and accessories in its portfolio. But most famous is the townhouse in New York City where cigar enthusiasts could enjoy a cigar. In 2017, the Sherman family sold the company to Altria, one of the big tobacco companies. Altria is the parent of Philip Morris and the most famous brands in its portfolio are Marlboro, Virginia Slims, and Benson & Hedges. They are also a major shareholder in vape company Juul.

Big tobacco and cigars don’t go hand in hand. The two never go hand in hand as it’s a different culture. Mass market versus a niche market, one that is very traditional as well. So in 2019, Altria put Nat Sherman up for sale. A sale that never happened, and in September of last year Altria closed the townhouse and the premium cigar division down. Leaving Herklots unemployed after more than two decades in the cigar industry. 

Ministry of Cigars - Michael Herklots brings back Timeless

Ferio Tego

But Herklots and Scott bounce back quickly. They formed Ferio Tego and acquired the brands from Altria. Not The Nat Sherman name, nor the townhouse, but the rights to the brands such as Timeless, Metropolitan, Epoca, and Host. They also have the rights to Nat Sherman Pipe Tobacco and the Ancora accessories. But re-releasing the pipe tobacco is a project for the future Herklots says.

In a press statement, Herklots says that nor the blends, nor the manufacturers will change. That means that Davidoff, Quesada Cigars, and Plasencia will remain in play as producers of the cigars. The artwork will remain mostly the same, except that The Nat Sherman name is replaced with Ferio Tego.

“We are grateful to Altria for working with us to find a path forward for these brands,” says Scott in a press release. “I am extremely excited to work with Michael and our manufacturing partners to continue the legacy of these brands built by so many people over many decades. We are eager to bring our products back into the humidors of retailers and consumers.”

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