MBombay adds two new lines. Those are the M.Esteli and the Mayura. The last one is part of the MQBA line, but with a different blend. Both new lines are made in Costa Rica. Tabaco de Costa Rica is responsible for manufacturing.

MBombay MQBA

Last year, MBombay launched the MQBA line. That’s an Ecuadorian puro even though the cigars are made in Costa Rica. The Mayura line extension isn’t an Ecuadorian puro though. The filler comes from Paraguay, Peru en Nicaragua. The binder and wrapper are Ecuadorian. It is HVA tobacco grown on MBombay’s own farms in Ecuador.

For now, two sizes will be released. Those are a 5×54 Robusto and a 6×52 Toro. They will individually be packed in glass tubes. A box will hold 24 tubes. Two more sizes are most likely to be added in a later stage. Those will be a corona and a torpedo. The name comes from Sanskrit. And that’s a nod to the Indian background of Mel Shah. Shah is the owner and founder of MBombay. He’s been using his heritage before in naming his cigars.


The other new line is M. Esteli. And that is a very confusing name. Esteli is the world’s capital of cigars. No city in the world has more cigar factories on its territory. And no city in the world produces more cigars than the Nicaraguan city of Esteli. So using Esteli as a name isn’t too far fetched. But when the cigars aren’t made anywhere near the northern Nicaraguan city it becomes strange. Tabacos de Costa Rica is located in Puriscal. And that’s more than 500 kilometers, or close to a 9-hour drive, south of Esteli.

Ministry of Cigars MBombay adds two new lines
the distance between Esteli, Nicaragua and Puriscal, Costa Rica

The only thing that would make sense is if the cigar was loaded with tobacco from Esteli. But that’s not the case. The wrapper comes from Ecuador. MBombay has its own farm there. The binder is Nicaraguan, but it’s not specified from what part of Nicaragua. It could be Condega, Jalapa, Esteli, Ometepe or any other tobacco growing region in Nicaragua. The filler leans heavy on Dominican tobaccos although there is some Nicaraguan tobacco as well. But again, not specified if it’s from Esteli.

The M. Esteli comes in three sizes. Those are a 5×54 Robusto, a 6×54 Toro, and a 6×54 Torpedo. The line is packed bundle style with very simple, thin white rings. That’s a break from the big and highly decorative, colorful rings that MBombay is known for.

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