Maurice Abraham Abady passed away. After a long illness, the former Habanos Man in the business category has passed away. Abady received the award at the Habanos Festival In Havana back in 2012. By the time the news reached Ministry of Cigars, the funeral already took place on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao.

The Jewish entrepreneur was a key figure in the expansion of Habanos in the Caribbean. He was the founder of both Caribbean Duty Free Cigar Distributors and Little Holland. With these two companies, he was providing the Caribbean with Cuban cigars for over four decades.

As a passionate lover of Cuba and Habano cigars, he was vital for the expansion of the Habanos portfolio in the Caribbean. He was responsible for the commercialization and promotion of the Habano culture in the Caribbean. Habanos SA did recognize his importance and his dedication. That’s why, in 2012, the Hombre Habano, Habanos man for the business category.

Ministry of Cigars - Maurice Abraham Abady passed away
Maurice Abraham Abady

Habanos awards

Each year, during the Habanos festival, Habanos awards people with a ‘hombre Habano’ Habanos man of the year award. Although, it’s not always a man as Dominique Gyselinck proves. She won the title in 2016 as the first female as dar as we recall. So Hombre Habano could be a Mujer Habano too. The awards are in three categories, Business, Production, and Communication. 

Winners of the award get a free box of their favorite Cuban cigars at each festival and get free tickets to the annual festival as well. 

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