Mansa released in select markets. The countries of Bahrain, Kuwait, and New Zealand will receive the cigars just like the United States. But Dr. Gaby Kafie confirmed to Ministry of Cigars that in the next few months, all other 38 international Kafie distributors will be able to order the cigars as well.

The Mansa

The cigar is made at Tabacalera G. Kafie y Cia but it’s a release from Cincinnati Cigar Company. It’s a full-bodied cigar, produced in limited quantities and just one 6×54 Toro vitola. The cigars come packed in boxes of ten. The cigar is named after a 14th-century West African king and wealthiest man in recorded history. It means Sultan or King. It took two years to create the blend and it uses three to four years aged tobacco. There is Nicaraguan tobacco in the filler. The binder comes from Honduras, with a Mexican San Andres Maduro wrapper. 

Cincinnati Cigar Company owner Alex Spencer explained that Mansa Musa was most noted in history for his pilgrimage to Mecca. During his trip, he brought 600 camels, thousands of troops and horses all carrying food, thousands of pounds of gold, silks, and seasonings. He gave away so much gold that he devalued gold for over a decade. Spencer then said “o me, the cigar culture is very similar. The stories shared over a cigar and a glass of bourbon are how I started my journey into cigars. These stories taught me valuable life lessons of manhood, brotherhood, being a better husband and father. These lessons have proven to be golden to me. I want to pass that on the way it was passed down to me. This was my reason for the creation of the Mansa cigar.”

Ministry of Cigars - Ministry of Cigars - Mansa released in select markets

Alex Spencer chose Tabacalera Kafie to manufacture this particular line due to the company’s ability to meet Alex Spencer Reserve’s overwhelming market demand for the Mansa. “After 2 years of research and another 3 years of market testing, I saw it to be fitting that we choose a manufacturer that could enhance the original blend of the original Mansa cigar.” The first batch is limited to 250 boxes, the second batch is expected to be released in the spring of 2020.

Ministry of Cigars - Ministry of Cigars - Mansa released in select markets

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