Malaysia to get JSK Goli Collection. This weekend Jas Sum Kral is hosting the annual Ristefari. That is a big cigar event with wordplay to the name of the Jas Sum Kral founder Riste Ristevski. The event will take place at Golden Leaf Cigar Lounge in Hobart, Indiana. The Golden Leaf Cigar Lounge is an official Jas Sum Kral Lounge.

Limited and pre-releases

During the event, Jas Sum Kral will be selling a unique cigar that will only be available during Ristefari. Ristevski has been doing that from the first Ristefari. This year he picked a 6×54 Salomon from the Jas Sum Kral Kralot brand. Only 100 bundles of 10 cigars will be available.

A few months ago, Jas Sum Kral announced a new upcoming blend. The blend is called Fuck The FDA and it’s Ristevski’s statement against the pending FDA regulations on premium cigars. The full release of the blend is expected before the PCA trade show. Yet visitors to Ristefari 2020 can purchase bundles with a special event price. The number of pre-release bundles is limited to 200.

Goli Collection

The Jas Sum Kral Goli Collection is a new series from Jas Sum Kral. The cigar will be released at Ristefari and will be available to select retailers after. But Jas Sum Kral announced that the cigars will be en route to Malaysia soon after. The Malaysian Jas Sum Kral distributor, Puros Asia, confirmed the news.

The Goli Collection is a series of three different blends. Jas Sum Kral is releasing the JSK Goli Collection in a Habano blend, a Maduro blend, and a Connecticut blend.

The Goli Collection Habano will be available in 12 different vitolas. The Goli Collection Maduro has 9 different sizes. And the Goli Collection Connecticut comes in 4 different vitolas. Puros Asia won’t carry all the sizes but hasn’t decided which ones will make it to South East Asia.

Ristevski explained the story of the Goli Collection.

While in Nicaragua we stopped at a couple of farms along the way to Jalapa to look at superb tobacco grown by small farmers. The farmer at Condega revealed to us a very aromatic seco foliage which had a fantastic cedar note that I adored. On the way to Jalapa, we stopped at a farm that is located at the base of the Somoto canyon (which requires almost 30 minutes to scale in a truck and crossing a river just to achieve it. When arriving, those farmers gave us free rein to store tobacco and advised us that the barn on the top of the mountain had some very great tobacco that had been aging and sent us to go check it out. While sitting in the barn rolling leaf after leaf, sampling what was accessible to return with us, the Somoto tobacco was just a flavor bomb of sugars and fruits with a nice thick and creamy nutty smoke that could only detract from your mouth area. This is the same Somoto tobacco utilized within the Solomon that was released in March 2018. We loaded the truck up and continued to our destination of Jalapa.

Arriving in Jalapa I already had in mind what tobacco/flavor that I wanted. Sampling some great seco’s and visos, I took back a great viso leaf that had some extra strength while maintaining the balance of flavor. Considering all the tobaccos from the melting pot, I added an Esteli tobacco that enhanced the grit and subtle spice that the cigar needed.

7 sizes that cater to both mainstream and “geek” consumers! These were packaged in 25 count bundles. My sole intention was to enjoy these cigars myself and offer them at special events.

Riste Ristevski, Jas Sum Kral

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