Macanudo releases Heritage Nuevo in select international markets. Spain, France, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Macau are amongst the countries that will receive the cigars. But not all three sizes, only the 6×52 toro will be released in limited numbers. The cigars are expected to be available for retailers mid-December, right in time before the holiday season.

Macanudo Heritage Nuevo

This new Macanudo is an intriguing new take on its classic Café blend according to a spokesperson of Scandinavian Tobacco. The Macanudo Café has a Connecticut shade wrapper from the United States where the Heritage Nuevas sports a Connecticut shade wrapper from Ecuador. And the new blend contains some Nicaraguan tobacco in the filler which is new. The remainder of the fillers, from Mexico and the Dominican Republic, are the same in both blends. The same goes for the Mexican San Andres binder.

In a press release by Macanudo, senior brand manager Steve Abbot says “Macanudo Heritage Nuevo allows us to juxtapose the brand’s most enduring heritage blends with a modern reinterpretation that features the emerging tobaccos of today. We believe that Macanudo Heritage Nuevo will awaken a new dialogue among seasoned Macanudo smokers while giving others a reason to awaken their passion for the perennially top-selling brand.”

He continued that the new blend is a creamy, medium-bodied smoke with richer aromas and flavors of toasted nuts, interspersed with nuances of sweetness and spice.

The packaging is updated too, to modern and colorful design. That’s a contrast to the Macanudo café, which sports an outdated design on both rings and boxes.

Ministry of Cigars - Macanudo releases Heritage Nuevo

The cigars are made at General Cigar Dominicana in the Dominican Republic. Macanudo owner Scandinavian Tobacco Group confirmed that only the toro will be released at the selected international markets. The 5×50 Robusto and the 7×50 Churchill are reserved for the American market.

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