Lyon Cigars blended for Africa. Africa is an emerging market when it comes to cigars. Of course, the Castro regime was involved In the liberation struggle in the Horn of Africa in the 1960s, so cigars aren’t new to Africans. Che Guevara spent several months training African militias, and he would bring cigars. But now that the African economy is growing, cigars are gaining popularity.

And then Patrick Nikiema comes into play. The Burkina Faso born financial planner is a global citizen. He traveled a lot, in Africa, but also in Europe, the USA, and the Caribbean. Nikiema is now based in Montreal, Canada. From there he runs his businesses. And one of those businesses is Lyon Cigars, although Nikiema sees Lyon Cigars more as a passion.

Ministry of Cigars - Lyon Cigars blended for Africa
Lyon Cigars founder Patrick Nikiema

Lyon Cigars

With Lyon Cigars, founded in ???? Nikiema became the first African cigar manufacturer. He has the vision to create a movement that represents Africa in a highly competitive industry where Africans are hardly represented. Even though some of the best tobacco comes from Cameroon. 

The cigar ring is full of symbolics. The crown stands for royalty and family. It’s placed on the head of a lion. The king of the jungle, native to Africa. It represents leadership, price, and nobility. The two debats are iconic agricultural tools in Africa and stand for the hard work that has to be done. The maple leaf represents Nikiema’s new home of Canada and Nikiema’s initials are in the logo as well.

Ministry of Cigars - Lyon Cigars Logo

Manufacturing and availability 

Lyon cigar produces cigars in both the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. The factories are undisclosed, but Lyon Cigar will launch a new Cameroon line in the near future with a second undisclosed cigar factory in the Dominican Republic in the near future. 

Lyon Cigars are available in several popular sizes. From a classic laguito to a customized 7×70 and every popular size in between. Gordo, Nub, Torpedo, Robusto, box-pressed robusto. You name it, Lyon has it.

The cigars are blended and designed for the African market. But the sales aren’t limited to just African countries. The small country of Luxembourg is the only point of sale outside of Africa so far. But Lyon Cigars is open to discuss distribution for other non-African countries as well. Within Africa, the cigars are for sale in Togo, Burkina Faso, and Ivory Coast. With new markets added soon.

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