Light ‘em Up Lounge with Ministry of Cigars. Yes, you read that right. Ministry of Cigars owner Ferdinand Piet will be a guest at the Light ‘em Up Virtual Lounge this Monday. The Austrian entrepreneur Reinhard Pohorec launched the first Light ‘em Up Virtual Lounge on March 20th, in collaboration with Cigar Journal. With an average of three virtual gatherings a week, Light ‘em Up is one of the main virtual gatherings for cigar aficionados from all over the world.


Each show has a theme and a guest. And some memorable guests have been on the show so far. From cigar manufacturers to accessory brands, and pairing experts from the liquor industry. From boutique brands such as DH Boutique Cigars to the biggest names like Oliva. From young and upcoming blenders such as Indiana Ortez to industry legends as Jose Blanco. This Monday, at 3 PM CET, it’s all about online cigar media with Ministry of Cigars. And we are honored to be included in the list of great names that have been on the show.

For this virtual herf, you will need zoom. But it is completely free to use if you’re not the host. Zoom is available on iTunes and the Google Play store. You will also need to sign up via this link to get an invitation. And by now every cigar aficionado on the face of the earth must have a Zoom account with all the virtual smoking that’s been going on.

So prepare your questions, grab a drink and a smoke, and log on this Monday. Ask us all that you want us to ask, hang out and make Monday and together we will turn a blue Monday into a fun Monday.

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