Les Fines Lames adds new finishes for Le Petit. The Les Fines Lames Le Petit is the smaller version of the praised French cigar cutting knife. Les Fines Lames Le Petit was released last year. The new knife already saw the release of limited-edition versions with skylines engraved into the blade. And now there is more, both limited and regular production.

New Le Petit knives

The new Les Fines Lames Le Petit Limited Edition is the Havana Club Limited Edition. The wooden handle is made from the actual oak barrels used by Havana Club. Havana Club ages its distilled rum in oak at the famous distillery in San Jose de Las Lajas. The blade is engraved with an art-deco inspired pattern. It symbolizes the style that permeated Havana in the 1930s. It also contains subtle references to the H and the I of the Havana Club Iconic Collection. The Giraldila is printed on the handle. Its an emblem of the city of Havana.

For the regular versions of the Le Petit, Les Fines Lames adds five new finishes. Five new wooden finishes with wood from five different regions. North America is represented by Curly Maple. South America brings Purpleheart. Acacia burl comes from Europe. Then there is Marblewood from Guyana. The last new finish is Kingwood from Brazil.

Ministry of Cigars - Les Fines Lames adds new finishes for Le Petit

Compass series

Even though it looks like the focus of Les Fines Lames is on the Le Petit, the original size isn’t forgotten. The original size gets a limited edition, the L’Original Compass Series. Engraved on the blade is an antique nautical chart of the island of Cuba. This series already existed for the Le Petit but is now available for L’Original too. Available in three finishes. Laurel Burl, Blue Beech, and Black G10, all limited and numbered.

Ministry of Cigars - Les Fines Lames adds new finishes for Le Petit

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