Laura Chavin releases virginy. A new line consisting of three vitolas. It follows the philosophy of Laura Chavin owner Willy Knopf. Medium in strength with lots of flavors is his motto.

Ancient tobacco

In order to prevent pests and rot and at the same time increase the yield, the tobacco farmers crossed the tobacco varieties as early as the century before last. This changes genetics. In the course of time the pure, ancient tobacco disappeared from the scene. Today almost all common types of tobacco are so-called hybrids, and their aromas are increasingly similar according to Knopf. 

Not so with the Carbonell family. This family has been exclusively involved in tobacco cultivation. In its refinement and the preservation of the original seed and its cultivation since 1894. The original form of the Olor Dominicano, which has been family-owned for several generations, was discovered by the great-grandfather in a special microclimate at the foot of the southern slope of the Cibao Valley. This original tobacco is found in the filler and as a binder of the three Virginy formats.

Ministry of Cigars - Laura Chavin releases virginy

The sizes

The Laura Chavin Virginy comes in a 5½x54 Toro with a German retail price of 25 Euro This vitola is called Laura Chavin Virginy No.1 Toro. The No.2 is a 4½x52 Belicoso with a retail price of 18 euro. And the Laura Chavin Virginy No.3 Lonsdale measures 7½x43. This cigar comes in at 24 euro

Each size comes in a box of 10. The filler and binder are Virgin Dominican Olor. The wrapper is Ecuadorian Connecticut. Laura Chavin is releasing the cigars right after easter.

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