Latest Robusto Magazine is available for download. Now if you can’t read Dutch, stop reading. Then this article is not for you. The online magazine Robusto is only available in that language.

The new pdf download is the sixth edition of the magazine. It all started in Belgium. That’s the home country of the publisher and editor, Michel de Backer. He decided to combine his passion with his profession. He is a professional photographer and designer with a love for cigars.

While exploring the idea for a cigar magazine, De Backer realized where the biggest problems would arise. Cost and logistics. So he opted not to go for printed media. But to still have that magazine feel and quality, a blog wasn’t an option either. The solution was simple. Make a magazine, turn it into a pdf and offer it as a free download. That would cut the cost down considerably. That way, the magazine could be profitable without the need for subscribers.

You can now download the latest release on the website. The previous releases are still available for download as well. Ministry of Cigars wrote about the magazine before.