La Flor Dominicana opens new markets. And returns to markets where they used to be. In a conversation with Antonio Gomez, he mentioned that the company has signed agreements with distributors in Mexico, the United Arab Emirates and that they are returning to the French markets in the first quarter of 2020.

La Flor Dominicana just released its 25th-anniversary cigar, which will be available globally as per our article from July. That cigar will most likely be available in the newly opened markets yet, just as many other cigars from the Gomez family. Distribution in Mexico and the United Arab Emirates will start as soon as possible.

Ministry of Cigars La Flor Dominicana opens new markets

LFD history

Jeweler Litto Gomez had a shop in Miami. But after he was robbed, and almost killed during the event, he decided to make a change. As a life long cigar aficionado, he decided to create his cigar brand. That was in 1994, during the cigar boom. So Gomez went to the Dominican Republic and started Los Libertadores. Later the name was changed to La Flor Dominicana. The name was inspired by the flower of the tobacco plant. Once a tobacco plant growth cycle is complete, and it’s ready to reproduce, it will bloom a beautiful flower.

After a rocky start, Gomez had no knowledge about tobacco at all, the company started to grow. Until disaster hit in 1999. In a fire in the cigar room, almost all stock got lost. But La Flor Dominicana conquered the tragedy. And prospered. It bought a few farms. And due to the innovative mind of Gomez, La Flor Dominicana caught the attention of the public. His signature chisel shape cigars have been patented to La Flor Dominicana. It’s an invention of Gomez. And the factory press set new bars for the industry as well.

In 2016, La Flor Dominicana won Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 of the year. The Andalusian Bull won the blind tastings that year. Nowadays it’s not just Litto Gomez doing the blending. His son Antonio also blends cigars and is slowly becoming the face and the future of the brand.

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