Karen Berger finds distributor in Israel. Bert Cigars is introducing K by Karen Berger and Don Kiki Cigars in The Holy Land. The first shipment is already in the country. Bert Cigars is ready to distribute the cigars to tobacconists, lounges, restaurants, and hotels all over Israel.

Don Kiki Cigars

The Don Kiki brand is the brainchild of Enrique Berger. He was known to everybody as Kiki instead of Enrique and used his nickname as the name for his cigar brand. His father, Max, came from Poland and fled to Cuba during the Second World War. In Cuba, he became a cigar maker and tobacco farmer. When the Castro regime took over and stole all enterprises from the business owners, Berger took his family and left for the USA. It’s there where the Berger family started Cuban Crafters. That shop in Miami is world-famous.

At the height of the cigar boom in the 1990s, Kiki Berger decided to open a factory. In Esteli, Nicaragua. He named it Tabacalera Esteli. Berger also started to grow tobacco. The next step was Don Kiki cigars. In Esteli, he also met his wife. Karen Berger is a native to Esteli. Her passion for tobacco made her a perfect match for Don Kiki. When he passes away in 2014, Karen took control over the farms, factory, distribution, and retail. Not without success. With her passion and skills, she continued the Don Kiki legacy.

Ministry of Cigars - Karen Berger finds distributor in Israel

K by Karen Berger

She also introduced her own line of cigars. K by Karen Berger. In three different blends, all made at Tabacalera Esteli. And all Nicaraguan puros. The K by Karen Berger is available in Connecticut, Maduro, and Habano in the sizes Robusto, Toro, and Salomon. Now that Karen Berger finds a distributor in Israel, all three blends and sizes are launched.

The three blends and three sizes are being launched in Israel this week. Just as the Don Kiki line of cigars. There are different blends available. From the Brown Label, Bert Cigar is introducing the 4½x54 Figurado. The cigar comes with a Criollo wrapper from the Cupido farm in Esteli. The Don Kiki Gold Label is available in a 6×56 Toro size for the Israeli cigar enthusiasts. And in the 5×54 Robusto. The Don Kiki Platinum Label is also available in the Toro size, although this toro measures 6×50. And in a 6½x64 Gran Toro

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