Kafie Cigars to make RTB Cigars. That’s the new line from Ronald Thomas Brown II. Brown is based in Charlotte, North Caroline. From there, he runs his brand Concerto Cigars which are sold well in the southeast of the United States. But RTB Cigars will be released globally.

Ministry of Cigars Kafie Cigars to make RTB Cigars
Dr. Gaby Kafie and Ronald Thomas Brown II

RTB & Concerto Cigars

Concerto Cigars are sold primarily in brick and mortar shops all over the United States. But they are most popular in the South East part of the USA. The brand was launched in 2015. The cigars are made in the United States, but with limited availability in tobacco and production forced Brown to look for another producer. And he was picky. He didn’t want to go to the big boys. It was really important for Brown to work with a small, boutique, producer to ensure that his products would get the attention they deserve. And with Kafie Cigars he found the partner he wanted.

Dr. Gaby Kafie stated “We’re honored to have Ron Brown join our factory, we feel that his special gifts and qualities really marry well with our family owned approach to making boutique cigars. At Tabacalera G. Kafie y Cia, we treat everyone like family. We all help each other to ensure each others success.”

Together they worked on RTB Cigars. And they worked on two lines. Lines with connection to music, to keep it within the Concerto theme. Those lines are the Aria and the Finale. Both are musical themes. Aria defines the beginning. Finale describes the climax. 

The Aria is a cigar made with filler from the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua. The binder comes from Honduras. The wrapper is a Connecticut Shade version from Ecuador. The Finale has a Maduro Habano wrapper from Nicaragua. The binder is Honduran. The fillers come from Honduras and Nicaragua. Both lines are only available in a 6×52 vitola.

International distribution

The cigars will be available for international distribution. The first shipment is leaving to the Kafie Cigars distributor in the Middle East soon. The cigars will be distributed in seven Arab countries. Since it’s a small batch, boutique cigar brand, production numbers are limited. That’s why a full-scale international launch is not an option. But both Dr. Gaby Kafie and Ronald Thomas Brown II hope to have the product in New Zealand, The Netherlands, and Germany before the end of the year. And next year, distribution in Africa should start.