Kafie Cigars and Pasion Puro liquidate German stock. Earlier this year, Kafie Cigars and the German distributor Pasion Puro decided to part ways. At the same time, Blanco Cigars and Hiram & Solomon parted ways with Pasion Puro as well. Blanco Cigars found a new distributor quickly with Tabac Benden.

To be able to get a fresh start with a new distributor, Pasion Puro and Kafie Cigars came to an agreement. The leftover stock, which according to the the press release is little, will be discounted heavily.

Dr. Gaby Kafie wrote that the entire team feels this is the best way to liquidate the inventory and move on with a new distributor in the coming year. Even though there were concerns about the effect on the brand position by discounting products.

“I firmly believe that this is a great opportunity for retailers and connoisseurs to take advantage of the discounted pricing. In the history of our company, we have never discounted any premium cigars. Our vision at Kafie 1901 Brands is to work with partners around the globe that truly understand our company vision and our family. At times poor communication leads to poor results.  There is no-one to blame in this scenario. We must learn, and move on” Dr. Gaby Kafie wrote in an email to Ministry of Cigars.

Cigar Journal Awards

Dr. Gaby Kafie continued: “In the past 2 years Kafie Cigars has been nominated for very prestigious awards by Cigar Journal Magazine. Such news did not translate towards positive media or positive sales from our current distributor in Germany. I feel that our brands should be in the hands of a company that is capable of capturing more interest and greater market share. Our brands can be found in over 700 brick and mortar establishments in the U.S., as well as 36 global markets. “

The Pasion Puro team will be reaching out to local retailers with the remainder of the Kafie Cigars stock. 

Ministry of Cigars reviewed the Kafie 1901 San Andres Toro and the San Jeronimo Maduro Robusto in the last year.

Ministry of Cigars TKafie Cigars and Pasion Puro liquidate German stock