JSK Nuggs now also in Australia. The cigar that shook the cigar industry as the first, and so far only, CBD infused premium cigar is now available down under. In an email to Ministry of Cigars, Jas Sum Kral owner Riste Ristevski confirmed the availability of both the 20mg and the 100mg version of the cigars in the most expensive cigar country in the world. Australia has a tobacco tax of 1309.85 AUS per kilo, equivalent to 787 EUR or 868 USD. With another jump of 12.5% coming per September first.

JSK Nuggs

Last summer, the Jas Sum Kral Nuggs was released. Besides owning and operating Jas Sum Kral, Ristevski also owns and operates a CBD oil company. CBD is one of the compounds in the cannabis plant and the one that has therapeutic uses, it relaxes, it relieves pain, it has anti-inflammatory properties, it helps against epilepsy and according to some doctors, it can even cure cancer. But the downside to CBD oil is the taste, it’s bitter so Riatevski was looking for a way to make using CBD oil pleasant and decided to combine his two companies for this special project. Together with his molecular scientist, they found a way to add CBD to the cigar while making it absorbable through the mouth and tongue of the smoker, since you don’t inhale cigar smoke.

The cigar doesn’t contain THC, the compound that makes you high. All the CBD is American grown, non-gmo, and 100% organic. The oil is filtered thought a 14 stage filtering to ensure that only the best and cleanest oil is used for the JSK Nuggs. The line will come in two wrappers, a Habano wrapper that will offer a euphoric, uplifting feeling and a Maduro wrapper that is calming, relaxing, and soothing.

Ministry of Cigars - Jas Sum Kral Nuggs

Different blends

The JSK Nuggs comes in two blends. Both blends are made with Nicaraguan filler and Indonesian binder. The difference is the wrapper. There is a Habano version and there is a Maduro version. The Habano version contains 20mg of CBD, where the Maduro is stronger with 100mg. Read our review on the JSK Nuggs Habano and the JSK Nuggs Maduro. Both JSK Nuggs are available in Australia.

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