Joya de Nicaragua and charity. Cigar charities, quite a good number of cigar brands run or support a charity program. And there are a few distributors that either support or started charities as well. They are giving back to the community. Some are open about it, raising awareness while trying to raise funds. Others do it on the low as they are afraid it will be seen as marketing.

Ministry of Cigars feels that all the actions of the factories should be highlighted. The cigar industry needs positive stories, and we need to get the word out to the general public and politicians that there is no other industry that gives back to the community as much as the cigar industry does.


Many of the cigar-related charities focus on education. Pronica for example, Oliva, and the Cigar Family Charity Foundation. Joya de Nicaragua understands the importance and necessity of education as well. That’s why the oldest cigar factory of Nicaragua is not supporting one school, but two. And they help bring in other charities to help in the education of Nicaraguan children. For example, Pronica came to life after Sasja Van Horssen had a conversation with Juan Martinez from Joya de Nicaragua. Joya de Nicaragua also introduced author Nick Hammond and Scott Vines from Tor Imports to Fe Y Alegria, which led to financial support and an upgrade to the sewing room.

And Fe y Alegria is the school that gets a lot of support from Joya de Nicaragua. Fe Y Alegria is a catholic charitable organization with schools all over Latin America. It gives underprivileged kids a chance to education. Free education, but supplies and the mandatory school uniforms are not. That’s where Joya de Nicaragua helps out. Currently, the cigar manufacturer is helping around 90 primary school children with a scholarship so they can get an education. The average years of education in Nicaragua is 6 years, even less in rural areas. Only half the children that start in 1st grade will finish 6th grade. So every year added is a bonus, and the scholarships of Joya de Nicaragua are life-changing for these children and their families.

But that’s not all Joya de Nicaragua does for children and education. The School of Esteli for children with special needs also gets support 

Environment and emergency help

Joya de Nicaragua also understands the importance of the environment. How could they not? They live of the land, their product depends on the lush volcanic soil of Nicaragua and the perfect climate for high-quality tobacco. That’s why Joya de Nicaragua is an active member of FORREST. FORREST is the environmental trust fund of the Nicaraguan Tobacco Chamber, the CNT. It funds the recovery of the Esteli River basing.

Whenever there is a catastrophe such as the covid-19 pandemic or the two hurricanes that hit Nicaragua (and Honduras) last November, Joya de Nicaragua mobilizes to provide food, clothing, and medication to families affected by the tragedy.

All in all, you can say that Joya de Nicaragua and charity go hand in hand. That this company has a good heart and is doing a lot for the community and the future of Esteli, and Nicaragua.

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