Joya collaborates with Cigar Dojo. The Nicaraguan cigar manufacturer is following the footsteps of its American distribution partner Drew Estate. Drew Estate is making cigars for the online community Cigar Dojo for years. This is the first collaboration between Joya de Nicaragua and Cigar Dojo. 

Ministry of Cigars - Joya collaborates with Cigar Dojo.

The cigar

For the cigar, Joya and Cigar Dojo draw inspiration from the Dojo philosophy and the Joya de Nicaragua name. They came up with Joya Ninjaragua. The cigar itself is a Nicaraguan puro. The wrapper is Habano Criollo and it measures 6×50.

The Joya Ninjaragua comes in triangular packs of six cigars. The triangular shape represents the trinity of Cigar Dojo, Joya de Nicaragua, and Drew Estate. Drew Estate distributes Joya de Nicaragua in the United States. They also handle the marketing for the oldest cigar factory in Nicaragua. In exchange, Joya de Nicaragua produces some cigars for Drew Estate.


In a press release, Eric Guttormson, owner of Cigar Dojo says: “Getting a chance to work with Joya de Nicaragua was a bucket-list item for the Dojo team. Having a group of Dojo members help with the blend at the factory in Nicaragua makes this a very special release.”

“I’ve considered myself a Dojonite since early on,” says Juan Ignacio Martínez, executive president of Joya de Nicaragua S.A., “I love the community that Sensei and his crew have built. I personally carry their badge often. Now, to be able to share our heritage exclusively with the community makes me feel not only humbled and honored but also excited to bring a new level of enjoyment of Nicaraguan cigars to the Dojoverse. This is a project of more than two years in the making, a cigar for a higher rank; one that could only be achieved jointly with the Dojo,” he adds.

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