Jas Sum Kral Toothpick 2.0 Habano. A few days ago, we smoked and reviewed the Jas Sum Kral Toothpick 2.0 Maduro. This is a medium filler from Tabacalera Aragon and Jas Sum Kral. It uses small pieces of tobacco in combination with long leaves, creating a medium filler. Or Cuban sandwich as it is called as well. The cigar comes in one size only, a 5×50 robusto. But in two blends, that Maduro version and a Habano version. This is a review of the Habano Toothpick 2.0.

The blend for both cigars is exactly the same. But the wrapper is not. This Habano version has a Habano wrapper from Ecuador. And these two cigars are exactly the cigars to give to somebody who claims that cigar wrappers are only aesthetic and don’t do anything for the flavor. Because they do, and when they smoke these two cigars, they will know.

Name: Jas Sum Kral Toothpick 2.0 Habano
Country: Nicaragua
Factory: Tabacalera Aragon
Size: 5×50
Vitola: Robusto
Wrapper: Ecuador Habano
Binder: Indonesia
Filler: Nicaragua
Price: € 14
Cutter: Xikar X2
Lighter: single flame
Smoke conditions: indoors with ventilator
Smoke time: One hour fifty minutes
Sponsored by Jas Sum Kral

The review

The wrapper isn’t even in color. It has a gradually changing color from dark to lighter, which is clearly seen around the edging where the wrapper overlaps. It looks like a thin wrapper, with clear, fine veins. The cigar feels good, looks good and this time, the white part of the ring is on top. That and the lighter shade of wrapper indicates that this is the Habano version. The cigar has a leathery smell, like a horse saddle. That combined with hay and wood.

The cold draw is a bit tight, with a spicy flavor. There is a pepper flavor on the lips. Once lit, leather, wood, and soil are tasted. With pepper and sweetness. The sweetness turns to sugar with wood and pepper. After a third, a chocolate and hazelnut flavor shows up. it has a resemblance of Nutella but with pepper. Slowly the cigar evolves to a more peppery, wooden and leathery cigar with a slowly fading chocolate.

The draw is a bit on the tight side. The smoke is a little thin because of that. The burn is great though, as well as the ash. The cigar is medium bodied, medium-full flavored. There is a nice evolution in the cigar. The smoke time is one hour and fifty minutes.

Strength: medium
Flavor: medium-full

Ministry of Cigars Jas Sum Kral Toothpick 2.0 Habano
diagram courtesy of Cigarprofiler