Jas Sum Kral is showcasing two upcoming releases at the Tobacco Plus Expo. The trade show will take place in Las Vegas from January 29th till January 31st. The Las Vegas Convention Center will be the location of the TPE trade show. It’s one of the fastest-growing shows and purely meant for business to business. The show floor is only open to visitors from within the tobacco trade.

In an email to Ministry of Cigars, Jas Sum Kral said that the company is revealing two cigars at the trade show. The release date of both cigars has not been confirmed yet. Jas Sum Kral owner Riste Riatevski did not reveal much about the cigars either. Just the name of one of the cigars was mentioned in the mail. And that’s a name that will tick of some people within the Food & Drug Administration. For years, Jas Sum Kral has used the ‘fuck the FDA’ slogan on social media. It was printed on apparel and swag together with the brand logo. And now Jas Sum Kral is planning to release a cigar under that name as well. Ministry of Cigars will try to get samples for review purposes.

Ministry of Cigars - Jas Sum Kral is showcasing

Tobacco Plus Expo

The TPE Trade Show is organized by Tobacco Business. And that magazine is part of Kretek International, the parent company of Ventura Cigars. Ventura Cigars is known for the PSyKo Seven, Archetype, Benji Menendez, Manolo Quesada, and other cigars. The trade show is gaining traction and is starting to get a real competitor to the IPCPR/PCA trade show. The set-up is more like Intertabac. Intertabac and TPE are inclusive for all other tobacco-related businesses where the IPCPR trade show focusses on pipes and cigars only. 

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