Jas Sum Kral changes distributor in Malaysia. The American brand was represented by Cigar Emperor. But the brand is making the switch to the new cigar distributor Puros Asia. The man behind Puros Asia is Jeremy Tay, co-owner of The Cabinet. The Cabinet cigar lounge in Malaysia is nominated for ‘best cigar lounge’ by Cigar Journal twice in a row.

Jas Sum Kral owner Riste Riatevski and Tay met each other in Amsterdam mid-September. That happened right before the Intertabac trade show. Tay loves the quality of several of the Jas Sum Kral lines. Yet they were unavailable to purchase in Malaysia. Riatevski was already dissatisfied with the sales in Malaysia. And now he’s moving his business from Cigar Emperor to Puros Asia.

The whole portfolio

Puros Asia will be carrying the complete portfolio from Jas Sum Kral excluding the Nuggs. So that means that the Jas Sum Kral Red Knight, Zlatno Sonce, Crna Nok, Kralot, Tyrannical Buc and Toothpick 2.0 will be available in Malaysia. In all sizes that are made at Tabacalera de Aragon S.A. in Esteli, Nicaragua.

In a response to Ministry of Cigars, Tay said that he was very pleased to bring in the first brand to his new distribution company. And that this is only the first step, that he is talking to a few more of his favorite brands about distribution in Malaysia. In the future, he’s looking to other Asian markets too. That will probably be in a collaboration with local distributors that have the same passion for boutique brands as him. When the first shipment will arrive in Malaysia is unclear at the moment.

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