J Cortes assigns a new sales agent in Asia. The Vandermarliere group, which includes Oliva Cigars, Neos, J. Cortes and other machine-made cigars assigns Asia Marketing Service to be their sales and marketing agent for the Asia Pacific region effective immediately.

AMS will provide sales and marketing expertise and will help expand the strong presence J. Cortès & Oliva Cigars has in certain markets. The companies will work together to grow the business in the travel retail and domestic markets.

Ministry of Cigars - Cortes assigns new sales agent
Thomas Gryson, Matisse de Wilde, Fred Vandermarliere, Hans Rijfkogel & Marcel Michels

Asia Marketing Service

Asia Marketing Service is the company of Hans Rijfkogel. The Dutch national moved to Taipei, Taiwan years ago after being part of the Royal Agio family for years. The company is also the sales and marketing agent for Drew Estate in the region, and was the sales and marketing agent for Royal Agio Cigars until Agio became part of STG.

Hans Rijfkogel, Director of Asia Marketing Services says: “I am delighted to team up with J. Cortès & Oliva Cigars and I believe that together with our domestic and duty-free partners, we will be able to continue growing the business for J. Cortès & Oliva Cigars in the emerging Asia-Pacific region.”

Rijfkogel continues: “The J. Cortès company, with 95 years history and an excellent global position in domestic and duty-free markets is ready to expand their presence in the Asia-Pacific region. Being family-owned, with an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, the business personifies the values we want to partner with.”

Liaison and brand ambassador

Thomas Gryson, Export Manager & Travel Retail Coordinator will be the liaison between AMS and J. Cortès & Oliva Cigars. “I am excited to be working with AMS. We believe the knowledge of Asia Marketing Services is complementary with the experience and expertise of the J. Cortès team and will ensure a successful expansion of the business in the region.”

Brian Shapiro who has been exploring and developing the market in Asia for the past 10 years will continue his role as Global Brand Ambassador for Oliva. “I welcome Hans to our growing, global Oliva Family. Having someone with his experience to give an additional layer of customer service will most certainly result in the growth of all our brands in one of the most important regions in the cigar world.”

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