Italy gets a Ramon Allones Edicion Regional. The 2020 exclusivo Italia is going to be a Ramon Allones Noellas. And even though the cigars share the same name as the famous H. Upmann Noellas, it is not the same size. The Ramon Allones Noellas measure 5⅕x42, where the Upmann Noellas are a bit longer with a 5⅜x42 size. 


Where it is getting harder for other countries to sell jars, Italy does not face those issues. Germany re-evaluated an old law that makes it impossible to sell cigars in humidors or jars. Other countries have plain packaging, ruining the jars. And The Netherlands is prohibiting jars as well. Italian cigar enthusiasts can buy the Ramon Allones Noellas later this year for €400 per jar. That equals to €8 per cigar.

The jars are very similar to the H. Upmann Noellas jars. These are vintage-inspired glass jars with cedar lining to protect the cigars. Each jar comes in a beautiful box to protect it during travel. The Italian Habanos distributor Diadema S.p.a. is expecting the cigars later this year. 

Regional edition program

Habanos is offering official Habanos distributors to partake in the regional edition program since 2005. With that program, the distributor can pick a brand, with the exemption of the global brands. And then have a non-regular production vitola made in limited quantities. That brand and size is then protected, other distributors can’t use it for the next five years. 

In the first few years of the programs, distributors had the freedom to release two edicion regional cigars a year. But due to the overwhelming success, it is now just one cigar per region. Distributors with multiple regions, such as Cubacigar Benelux, can opt to release a cigar per territory. That’s why Cubacigar Benelux can release an Exclusive Belux and an Exclusivo Países Bajos annually. 

The success also causes delays in production and supply. More often than not, cigars from the Regional Edition program are not hitting the market in the year of the intended release, but one or two years after. As is the case with the 2020 Exclusivo Italy, the Ramon Allones Noellas.

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