Intertabac 2018 Joya de Nicaragua. Joya de Nicaragua is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. That makes it the oldest brand of cigars in Nicaragua. And to celebrate that milestone, Joya de Nicaragua is releasing a book. And a new line of cigars, both called Cinco Decadas. That’s Spanish for five decades.

Cinco Decadas

At Intertabac 2018 Joya de Nicaragua celebrates its 50th birthday. With a brand new book written by Nick Hammond. Hammond is a British author and journalist who loves cigars. Joya de Nicaragua commissioned him to write this book. A book about the history of both Nicaraguan tobacco and the history of Joya de Nicaragua.

There’s also a cigar to celebrate. With the same name. Cinco Decadas. It’s a limited edition in two sizes. A Churchill and a Figurado. Joya de Nicaragua chooses not to disclose the blend. The company leaves the possibility of turning the line into regular production open.

Joya Silver

Also new at Intertabac 2019 from Joya de Nicaragua is the Joya Silver. It is the next release in the color series. The wrapper is Ecuadorian Habano. The binder comes from Mexico. It’s the follow up to the successful Joya Red and Joya Black lines.

Ministry of Cigars- Intertabac 2018 Joya de Nicaragua

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