Asia Pacifico Punch 8-9-8 released

Asia Pacifico Punch 8-9-8 released

Asia Pacifico Punch 8-9-8 released. Pacific Cigar Company, the Habanos distributor for South East Asia and the Pacific has released the regional edition last week. And even though it was released in October 2019, officially it’s a 2018 release. But more often than...

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CSWC Qualifier Kuala Lumpur

CSWC Qualifier Kuala Lumpur

A few years ago, when the Cigar Smoking World Championship wasn't as huge as it is today, I read about the event. And my first reaction was "cigar smoking is about relaxation, competition and cigars don't go together". And I was pretty vocal about that on social...

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New cigar club in Indonesia

New cigar club in Indonesia

There is a new cigar club in Indonesia, the Aceh Cigar Club, located in Banda Aceh. They had their first club night last week. Cigar smoking is booming in a lot of South East Asian countries, including Indonesia. The availability of cigars in Banda Aceh is not as...

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November 28
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