Illusione landed in Norway. Three months ago we broke the news that the American cigar brand found a distributor in Nordic Cigars. And now the cigars have landed in the Scandinavian country. And now Ministry of Cigars have confirmation on which lines are available through distributor Nordic Cigars.

Illusione Original Documents

From the Illusione Original Documents line, two sizes were selected. Those are the 5⅛x42 Corona called ~mk~ and the 5×52 ~88~. Both cigars have the same blend. The binder and fillers are Nicaraguan Corona 99 and Criollo 98. The wrapper is a Rosado Corojo leaf, from triple-A grade.

A few years later, Illusione released a stronger version of the Original Documents under the name Ultra. From the Ultra line, two cigars will be available in Norway. The sizes that made the cut are the 5⅛x42 Corona called ~ultra mk~. And the 5½x56 No. 9. The blend follows the recipe of the Original Documents but with added ligero in the filler.

France inspired

Illusione owner Dion Giolito is a wine lover. And he is inspired by France. He has two lines with French names. The Fume D’Amour and the Epernay lines. From the Fume D’Amour, the 5×50 Viejos are available. Made with lower primings Nicaraguan tobacco and a Cafe Corojo wrapper. From the Epernay series, inspired by the wine-producing area, the Le Ferme is available. That’s a 5¼x48 sized cigar.

And then there is Illusione’s tribute to Cigar Journal. The magazine was called European Cigar Cult Journal before and Giolito created an Illusione ~eccj~. That cigar will be available as well, yet we have no information on which of the three vitolas.

And for the smokers who have less time, or who need to smoke outside in the cold Norwegian winters, there are the Cuchillos Cubanas Corona Medio. Those are 4¾x42 small cigars. Packed in 5 packs and perfect for the shorter smoke moments.

Ministry of Cigars - Illusione landed in Norway