Illusione Cigars distributing Cavalier Geneve. The new distribution agreement starts effectively immediately from the Reno, Nevada warehouse of Illusione. Illusione is not only a distribution partner but also the new importer for Cavalier Geneva in the United States.

International markets

In a select number of countries around the world, Illusione and Cavalier Geneve work with the same distributor. The orders for these countries will be combined as well. That results in lower costs for freight and handling. Illusione is a great partner as its warehouse is also a Foreign Trade Zone. 

“We are honored to work with Illusione Cigars. It is a partnership in which we truly believe and we greatly look forward to sharing dynamics and expand reach for both of us partners.” Says Sebastien Decoppet, founder and owner of Cavalier Genève Cigars.

“We are very excited to partner up together with Cavalier Genève Cigars. We value the relationship with Cavalier Genève Cigars and look forward to building a strong future and continued growth for both companies.” Says Brian Motola from Illusione Cigars.

Foreign Trade Zone

A foreign trade zone is an area within the United States that the government considers to be outside of U.S. customs territory. Because of this, merchandise of certain types can move through an FTZ without first having to travel through formal customs entry procedures, including import duties. A Foreign Trade Zone is not to be mistaken for a bonded warehouse. A bonded warehouse provides secure storage for dutiable goods to be stored, manipulated, or manufactured without payment of duty. The purpose of bonded warehouse facilities is to provide government supervision and security for goods before payment of duty. The duty is then due upon transferring the goods from the warehouse for consumption.

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