How to support your favorite B&M during the covid-19 crisis. Many countries or states within countries have taken drastic measures in the fight against the covid-19 virus. From total lockdown in countries such as Malaysia, Austria, Italy, Belgium and many more to less drastic measures in other countries. But no tobacconist is safe from the measures taken. Either they are forced to close for several weeks, or they have to close the lounge, turnover will slow down.

Spend at your local tobacconist

The big chains and big webshops will survive. But the family-owned tobacconists will see part of their turnover evaporate. If it’s not the tobacco turnover, then it’s the turnover on drinks in the lounge. And not all retailers have a buffer to sustain a crisis like this. So if you have the funds to buy a few extra cigars, now is the time to do so. But spend them wisely, don’t order at the large corporate (web)shops. The managers of the giants in the industry won’t put less food on the table with a temporary decline in revenue. But your mom & pop tobacconist will. 

If the tobacconist is in an area under complete lockdown, give them a call. Maybe they can offer gift cards, so that they have a little money now, and you will get your cigars once the lockdown is lifted. Or maybe they can ship cigars out through the mail if packages are still being delivered. It would mean a lot to the family-owned establishments. This is how to support your favorite B&M during the covid-19 crisis

Ministry of Cigars - How to support your favorite B&M during the covid-19 crisis


What goes for retailers goes for manufacturers too. In these hard times, consider what you buy. The large corporations have enough buffers to cover a few weeks or even months of slow sales. Even the bigger family-owned brands can stand a little storm. But the smaller brands, the so-called boutiques (a term we dislike btw, read here why) may not be so lucky. They need the support of the brothers and sisters of the leaf now more than ever to get them through the pandemic. 

Almost a year ago, we published an opinion piece about supporting the little guys. And with little guys, we meant the independent, family-owned businesses. That was way before the pandemic, and the feeling is even double now. These tobacconists fuel the cigar industry, they educate new smokers. They host events. They share knowledge. They are the ones that create shelve space for new and upcoming brands. Without these retailers, there would be a completely different landscape in the cigar industry. It would be a sandy desert without innovation, without new and edgy brands. So if you have some funds for cigars now, help the family-owned businesses survive.

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