Honduran cigar factories reopening. Earlier this week, CLE Cigar Company announced that the factory in Dani is reopening after being closed to almost two months. Christian Eiroa and his team worked together with several parties, including the Honduran government, to ensure that the workplace is entirely safe. The Honduran government called the El Aladino Cigar Factory a model factory. Not only for the cigar industry but for every manufacturing facility in Honduras.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, over 2600 cases have been confirmed in Honduras. But only a handful of those cases took place in El Paraiso without any fatalities. The new measurements are designed to keep the factory workers and their families safe now that the factories are reopening. CLE Cigar Company is releasing a series of videos on its YouTube channel to show what precessions have been taken. The first three videos can be found below this article.

Tabacalera Kafie

We reached out to Dr. Gaby Kafie from Tabacalera Kafie/San Jeronimo. Dr. Kafie replied that Tabacalera Kafie (San Jerónimo) has truly been blessed. During the month of April, all cigar factories in Honduras were closed. The government felt that it was too dangerous to have 6000 cigar factory workers return to work. Special biosecurity measures were demanded by the government.  

Early May cigar factories began to reopen at 30% – 50% capacity. Slow and steady. Dr. Kafie also explained that he and his team implemented biosecurity measures early. “Two months ago when the pandemic began, we implemented all biosecurity measures that are now being required. We acted quickly and efficiently to be ahead of the curve. Our operations are running smoothly but at a slower pace. Social distancing is in full effect, protective gear is worn by all staff. We are taking this Covid19 virus very seriously. The reason we do everything we do is to ensure we can continue to take care of each and every member of our team and their families. Work is important, so is income, but without health, we can do neither.”

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