High visitors for 5th Avenue. Last week the exclusive distributor of Habanos for Germany, Austria, and Poland received a few visitors. Visitors with a high rank within the Cuban government. The visit was so special that Heinrich Villiger came down to welcome them. Heinrich Villiger is the chairman of the board of directors of Villiger Sohne AG and managing director of 5th Avenue.

The visitors were his Excellency Ramon Ripoll Diaz and his wife Milagros Franco. Ripoll Diaz is the ambassador of the Republic of Cuba in Germany. His wife, Milagros Franco works for the Cuban Foreign Ministry as well.

 During the visit, Heinrich Villiger and his guests discussed the current business development of premium handmade Cuban cigars and machine-made Cigarillos. They did that in the large warehouse of 5th Avenue. The warehouse is fully climate-controlled to ensure the best possible environment for the precious cigars.

Ministry of Cigars - High visitors for 5th Avenue
His Excellency Ramon Ripoll Diaz, Milagros Franco, and Heinrich Villiger

5th Avenue

In 1989, Villiger and the Cuban government signed a joint venture to create a 5th Avenue. That joint venture would import and distribute exclusively Cuban cigars. Nowadays 5th Avenue imports and distributes all 27 Cuban marcas. In total, they carry more than 200 different SKUs. The company employs more than 50 employees. The company is located in Waldschut-Tiengen at the Villiger compound.

5th Avenue supplies all the La Casa del Habano stores in Germany, Austria, and Poland. As well as the Habanos Specialists, Habanos Lounges, Habanos Terraces, tobacco retailers, and high-end hotels & restaurants.

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Ministry of Cigars – High visitors for 5th Avenue. Two high ranking Cuban officials visited the exclusive Habanos distributor last week