Henk comes with Minibone. That’s a smaller size of the revolutionary travel humidor that the German/Dutch design company showcased late last year. The Cigarbone is available in two sizes. The original DELuxe Cigarbone can hold 6 cigars up to 7½x60 in size. The cigar bone RT can hold 6 cigars of 6½x60 in size. And that’s next to your cutter, lighter, Boveda pack and other accessories. The travel humidor also doubles as a cigar stand due to the design. And it comes with a portable ashtray.

Henk Minibone

On Facebook, Heiko Poerz, the designer for all Henk products, showed an even smaller version. This is called the Henk Minibone. The minibone has room for 2 cigars instead of 6. The maximum size of cigars that will fit in the Minibone is 6×60, which is not mini at all. The Henk Minibone has space for a Boveda pack, accessories and up to three credit cards. And due to the design, the Minibone is a cigar stand as well.

There are a few differences with the Cigarbone, besides the size. The Minibone has a unique twist open lid. It comes with a long cord so you can carry it around your neck. But one thing is the same, there are plenty of options to pick from. Henk offers different colors in the standard production line, but the Minibone can be customized exactly how you want it. The same goes for the Cigarbone, Henk suitcases, and other Henk products

The Minibone is ready to be ordered on the Henk website for $99. The Cigarbone RT starts at € 168 for the Puro Negro and goes up to €538 for the leather versions. The DeLuxe Cigarbone is €30 more expensive than the Cigarbone RT.

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