Henk comes with Cigarbone. The luxury design company, known for its innovate and stylish suitcases, briefcases, and bags are releasing a unique cigar travel case soon. The case, with the name Cigarbone, is so unique that a patent is pending. 

Ministry of Cigars - Henk comes with Cigarbone

The design

The cigarbone is made out of robust materials such as carbon fiber reinforces ABS, solid aluminum lids and high-quality leather which you can choose according to your personal preferences. And even though the relatively small size of 20x9x7½cm, it has space for six cigars up to 7½x60 in size. And then there’s space for your cutter, lighter, matches, and scissors. It’s all humidified with Boveda packs that slide in the cigarbone perfectly. To top it off, the cigarbone comes with an integrated ashtray. But if bringing six cigars on a short trip is too much, the two sides can be taken apart to create a three cigar travel case.

Just like with the Henk suitcases, attache or briefcases, the company offers limitless options for bespoke masterpieces. If you have a Henk Cigarbone custom made, you can choose a huge variety of special leathers in a limitless number of colors. And the lids can be made out of exclusive materials such as gold, platinum or other metals. On top of that, the cigarbone can be customized with personal logos or monograms.

Henk Maori cigars

Now if you wonder why Henk is bridging the gap between their bags and suitcases, the answer is simple. The company’s owner Heiko Poerz is an avid cigar smoker who has his line of cigars: Henk Maori. The Nicaraguan cigars are made at the factory of A.J. Fernandez. Poerz blended the cigars to his personal profile with the help of A.J. Fernandez and Didier Houvenaghel.

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