Happy Birthday Tony Bellatto. The co-founder of La Barba Cigars and the co-founder of Lost & Found cigars. Owner of a tobacco shop in Ohio. And the founder of Youngstown Coffee Company. So you can’t say that Tony is lazy or not a serial entrepreneur. With so many different businesses, he needs to have a good party now and then. Today, there is a reason to party as it’s his birthday.

La Barba

The boutique brand La Barba was founded in 2010. After too many cigars, bourbons and ideas, Bellatto and Graig Rossi decided to go for it. To create a boutique brand that brought an unprecedented product. Unique, with a focus on being fun, approachable, and comfortable. And for that, they went to the Dominican Republic. They approached Tabacalera William Ventura to create small batch cigars for them. And for the name, they chose La Barba, the beard.

Another brand made at Tabacalera William Ventura is Caldwell Cigars. And when Bellatto met Caldwell and Jaclyn Sears a new idea arose. And from that, a new company was created. Lost & Found Cigars. The three realized that all factories have batches of cigars that were made but for some reason never got released. Some were pre-released that got tweaked. Others were just trials. And some were just lost and forgotten. With Lost and Found, they purchase those small batches, sometimes as low as 100 cigars. They name them and sell them on the American market. Once sold, they are gone forever.


Bellatto used to be a sommelier, and many of the La Barba blends are inspired by wines. So today it’s time for Tony to get his best bottle of wine out of the cellar, and grab some of the best La Barba cigars that he lost and found. Because today, there’s a party at Havana House West. Happy birthday Tony Bellatto. May the future bring you more great lost and found cigars, more La Barba, coffee and other pleasures of life.

Ministry of Cigars - Happy Birthday Tony Bellatto
photo credit Blind Mans Puff

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