Happy Birthday Rick Charles, the international Markets manager for Ventura Cigars. And with Ventura expanding in Europe, Rick is stacking up Airmiles. PSyKo Seven has been launched in Switzerland with a few events. And later this year, the United Kingdom will see the launch.

Davidoff is the distribution partner for Ventura Cigars. And since they have distribution all over the world, it’s not unreasonable that Ventura will be opening more markets soon. And according to Charles, the international distribution won’t be limited to PSyKo Seven either. All the other Ventura brands are available to international distributors.

Ventura Cigars

Kretek International is the umbrella company of which Ventura is the premium cigars division. And Ventura has cigars made at different factories. Davidoff makes some of the PSyKo Seven cigars. But the PSyKo Seven Nicaragua is made by Indiana Ortez in Esteli, Nicaragua. Then Quesada Cigars makes the new Benji Menendez cigars and Manolo Quesada cigars for the company.

The archetype cigars are made at the La Alianza factory from Ernesto Perez Carrillo. That factory is located in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic. And then there’s the Hugo Chairman, which is a collaboration with Rocky Patel.

Ministry of Cigars - Happy birthday Rick Charles
Rick Charles enjoying a cigar

Ministry of Cigars expects to see Ventura spread distribution to more countries. And that’s the work of Rick. So happy birthday Rick Charles, next year when Ventura cigars are available in our country, we will light one on this date.

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