Happy birthday Rachel Quesada Vega. One of the Tres Reynas, with her sister Patricia and Janny García from My Father cigars. And member of the influential Quesada family.

Quesada family history

The Quesada family got in tobacco in the late 1800s by accident. Their ancestors, brother Antero and Constantino Gonzales, left their native Spain for Cuba. And continued to make a living as bakers. But when a debt was paid in tobacco, the family history changed forever.

The brothers split ways and both became very successful tobacco traders. Their companies became the biggest tobacco exporters for Cuba. The daughter of Antero married Augustin Quesada. And their son, Manuel, founded what would become Quesada Cigars. As early as 1929, the Quesada family reached the Dominican Republic where they found new strains of tobacco. They remained living in Havana, Cuba though.

Exiled to the Dominican Republic

In 1960, the Quesada family was exiled. Manuel took his family to Santiago, Dominican Republic. They bought warehouses and continued to broker tobacco. Their son, Manolo, was sent to Miami to study. When he returned home he joined the family business. He became interested in blending cigars. Quesada started working with Juan Sosa, a small producer in the United States. And when they had a lack of rollers Quesada started to manufacture cigars for Sosa in the Dominican Republic. They called their factory MATASA.

Ministry of Cigars Happy birthday Raquel Quesada

In 2014, Matasa changed its name to Quesada Cigars. And they make about 15 million cigars a year. Manolo’s daughters Raquel and Patricia are now working with him. Raquel in the Dominican Republic, Patricia in Spain. Several of their cigars now carry the Quesada name, but they also make the Heisenberg, Oktoberfest, Regius, and non-Cuban Fonseca cigars. Plus they make many brands for others as well.

Today is Raquel Quesada’s birthday, so with her a happy birthday. And smoke one of their cigars in celebration. Happy Birthday Raquel Quesada Vega. That is if you have any left after celebrating Patricia’s birthday last week.

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