Happy birthday Philip G Wynne. Founder and owner of Felipe Gregorio Cigars. Born in 1957 with a cigar line to commemorate his birth year. That makes this Wynne’s 62 birthday.

Felipe Gregorio Cigars

Wynne founded the company in 1990. And without the legendary singer Frank Sinatra, there probably would not be a Tabacalera Real de Felipe Gregorio. Though a mutual friend, Sinatra reached out to Wynne and said: “I want you to make a cigar for me”. And he continued “the box has to say Sinatra by Felipe Gregorio”. There was one condition, Sinatra wanted the cigars to be made in the Dominican Republic. But Wynne didn’t have a factory there, so Sinatra said: “build one”. And that was done.

The story of Felipe Gregorio didn’t start there though. It started in Honduras, in Santa Rosa de Copan. After learning about growing tobacco and curing it, Wynne released his first cigar, Petrus. But it didn’t stop there. Wynne reached out to Julio Eiroa to learn more. And after many great lessons by this industry legend, Wynne released his second cigar: Felipe Gregorio.

In Nicaragua, Wynne opened a factory with no other than Omar Ortiz. The factory is located in Condega. Under the guidance of Ortiz, a well-known tobacco grower, Felipe Gregorio is now growing wrapper, binder, and filler in Nicaragua.

Felipe Gregorio also has a presence in Costa Rica. The company grows tobacco over there. At high altitude farms so they won’t have to use pesticides. There’s daily rainfall, but the drainage is fantastic because of the sloping hills. And the clouds cover the tobacco plants from the sun. That way, the leaves will grow big without thick veins. And Felipe Gregorio built a factory near the curing barns. The factory is called Fabrica de Tabacos Santa Marta. Some of the core lines for the brand are produced in Costa Rica nowadays.

Ministry of Cigars Happy birthday Philip G Wynne

Internationally available

Felipe Gregorio is available in several countries worldwide. So we expect the Happy Birthday wishes for Phillip G Wynne to pour in from all over the globe. Have a good day!

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