Happy Birthday Mike Bellody from MLB Cigars. These Dominican made cigars are doing well in the United States and Bellody said he expected to start with international distribution soon.

This is another story of passion. Of a passionate cigar smoker creating his own brand and blend. And for that, Bellody reached out to Quesada Cigars on the Dominican Republic. And in a later stage, Ernesto Perez Carrillo was involved too. Some MLB cigars are made at his La Alianza factory on the Dominican Republic.

The Blends

Currently, there are 5 blends under the MLB umbrella. Those are Imperia, Imperia Islero, and the Imperia Aventador. There’s also the David P. Erlich Tremont and the David P. Erlich PLM Series. 

The three Imperia series are all made at Quesada Cigars. The regular Imperia is made with Dominican and Nicaraguan filler. The binder and wrapper are Dominican. The Imperia Islero has American and Dominican tobacco in the filler. Pennsylvania to be more precise. The binder is from the Dominican. The wrapper comes from Ecuador. The Imperia Aventador follows that recipe. Pennsylvania and Dominican tobacco bound by Dominican tobacco. And finally wrapped in Ecuadorian leaf. All lines come in pita, robusto, toro, gordo and double perfecto size.

The David P. Erlich cigars come from Ernesto Perez Carrillo’s La Alianza factory. The brand is named after the second oldest tobacconist in the United States. And also the shop where Bellody bought his first cigars ever. The shop no longer exists, but the name lives on in two cigar lines. Those are the David P. Erlich Tremont. That line is made with Nicaraguan and Dominican filler. The binder is Nicaraguan and the wrapper is from Ecuador. And there is a Maduro wrapped David P. Erlich cigar, the PLM series. Made with Nicaraguan and Dominican filler tobaccos. The binder is Nicaraguan. The wrapper comes from Mexico’s San Andres region. Five sizes are available for each line. Those are corona, robusto, toro, gordo, and Churchill.

Today is Mike’s birthday, so happy birthday Mike Bellody.

Ministry of Cigars Happy Birthday Mike Bellody
Mike Bellody
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